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  1. South Africa: Network Investment, FTTx Deployment and Regulatory Initiatives to Drive Competition and Growth

    By: Pyramid Research
    , Published: Oct-2015
    , Product code: TC0361MR
    In 2015, South Africa will generate estimated telecom revenue of $12.2bn. Over the next five years, Pyramid Research expects total market revenue in South Africa to decrease at a CAGR of -1.5% in dollar terms to reach $11.3bn in 2020. Currency exchange rate volatility will adversely impact revenue growth over the forecast period. Nevertheless, we believe South Africa still has much potential for growth following planned investment in LTE network coverage and expected undersea cables. By 2020, we expect voice services to contribute 14 percentage points less to overall revenue. Data will emerge as the fastest-growing segment, its share of total revenue going from 30.6% in 2015 to 42.0% in 2020. The proliferation of smartphones over the past few years has strongly contributed to boosting data revenue.

  2. Israel: Dominance of Fixed Communications to Continue Driven by New Regulatory Reforms of the Government

    By: Pyramid Research
    , Published: Sep-2015
    , Product code: TC0348MR
    Telecoms growth is lower than average when compared to other countries in the region, but the overall size of the telecoms market is significant in view of Israel’s relatively small population. Unlike other telecom markets in the region, telecom service revenue growth will mainly be driven by fixed line services following recently introduced reforms for network sharing and wholesale services.

  3. Latin America: Regulatory Mandates and LTE Driving Infrastructure Sharing and Tower Offloading Deals

    By: Pyramid Research
    , Published: Nov-2014
    , Product code: TC0275MR
    “Latin America: Regulatory Mandates and LTE Driving Infrastructure Sharing and Tower Offloading Deals,” a Telecom Insider Report by Pyramid Research, briefly describes the different types of mobile infrastructure sharing, and analyzes the operational motivations and the economic value these agreements deliver. It also identifies the key major barriers for mobile operators to engage in mobile infrastructure sharing, as well as the key triggers. Then it brings evidence from some of the most prominent infrastructure sharing developments that have taken place in Latin America.

  4. Global Spectrum Analyzer Market 2014-2018

    By: Technavio
    , Published: Sep-2014
    , Product code: IRTNTR4160
    About Spectrum Analyzer A spectrum analyzer is a type of test equipment that measures the amplitude of the input signal as a function of frequency within the specified frequency range of the instrument. It is primarily used to measure and analyze the power of the spectrum of signals on different parameters. It is used mainly in the spectrum analysis of various waveforms, the measurement of field strength, measurements on transmitted signals, and interference emission. Spectrum analyzer is largely used within the Electronics industry for analyzing the frequency spectrum of radio frequency (RF) and audio signals. Spectrum analyzer is also used in the Military and Defense, Communications, Automotive, and Healthcare sectors.

4 Item(s)

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