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  1. Telecom Industry: Big Data Analytics Adoption / Usage Trends 2016–2018

    By: Pyramid Research
    , Published: Nov-2016
    , Product code: TC5680PR
    Pyramid Research’s Big Data Analytics Adoption / Usage Trends 2016–2018 report examines the overall spend on BDA, market opportunities influencing communication service providers to invest in BDA, the best practices for maximizing BDA opportunities and the critical aspects to maintain strong BDA vendor relationship within the organization. Additionally, the report provides information about the spending pattern of BDA budget and indicates challenges which are expected to inhibit the adoption of BDA within the organizations.

  2. Big data and analytics: Telco strategies, investments and use cases

    By: Pyramid Research
    , Published: May-2016
    , Product code: TC0061IR
    As the volume of data being created has grown exponentially in the past decade new technologies have emerged and been embraced by organizations in all industry sectors for a number of use cases. The amount of data being generated in the telecoms sector is colossal and there is a clear opportunity for communications service providers (CSPs) to analyze this data themselves and also, subject to legal and regulatory conductions, to sell it to other organizations. Telecoms operators are embracing big data analytics (BDA) with enthusiasm, but while many report that BDA is fully operational and already contributing benefit to their organizations others are still at the exploratory stage of addressing its potential. The key challenges operators face are a lack of BDA skills, organizational issues and siloed data.

  3. Big Data: Telecom Innovation through Analytics

    By: Pyramid Research
    , Published: Oct-2013
    , Product code: TC0048MR-
    Big Data is important to telecom operators, but the task of implementation seems daunting. This Insider covers the possibilities enabled by Big Data initiatives, guiding telecom operators through the role of market conditions (personalization, customer selection), some exciting forms of Big Data analytics, the organizational challenges (availability of skills, differences between business units) and regulatory concerns. The report contains three case studies, on Turkcell’s m-commerce analytics, Netflix’s recommender system and Weze, an m-commerce platform for marketing and payments in the UK.

3 Item(s)

Page 1 of 1