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  1. TrendSights Analysis: Experience Economy

    By: Canadean
    , Published: Dec-2016
    , Product code: CS0035TS
    The Experience Economy trend reflects growing consumer desire for immersive consumption moments. An increasingly one-dimensional shopping experience, coupled with an emphasis on 'experience' rather than 'things', means that consumers are willing to pay more for an enhanced 'brand experience' which can extend beyond the initial consumption moment by hours or even days, and involve sharing with family and friends in unique consumption settings.

  2. Collective action: A greater impact by working together

    By: MarketLine
    , Published: Jun-2016
    , Product code: ML00022-012
    Alone, individuals and even companies wield little power to make any significant change. However, when these individuals or companies come together to campaign for a common goal, they are taking part in collective action. Collective action has much more impact than the sum of its part acting alone. This case study looks at why people and companies take part in collective action, and what the benefits for those taking part are.

  3. TrendSights: Premiumization & Indulgence; Buying better and more expensive

    By: Canadean
    , Published: Jan-2016
    , Product code: CS0036TS
    The entire FMCG industry is influenced by the human search for "better." It is this notion that drives the Premiumization & Indulgence trend across the market, and supports its continued growth.

  4. Global Executives Survey: The impact and influence of social media and online retail on the CPG industry

    By: Canadean
    , Published: Apr-2014
    , Product code: CS4050PR-
    “Global Executives Survey: The impact and influence of social media and online retail on the CPG industry” is a new report by Canadean that globally analyzes industry opinions on the role of social media and e-commerce in retail, and their impact upon investment decisions and growth prospects within the CPG industry.

4 Item(s)

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