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  1. Competitor Profile: Arthur J. Gallagher

    By: Verdict Financial
    , Published: Jun-2015
    , Product code: 304006
    The past few years have been momentous for commercial insurance broker Arthur J. Gallagher, which, after purchasing several smaller broker firms, has seen its revenues increase significantly. Gallagher now has a brokerage of £603.5m – a substantial increase on the £347.6m generated in the previous year (2013).

  2. Transforming PFM Through Analytical Data

    By: Verdict Financial
    , Published: May-2015
    , Product code: 305007
    PFM has so far failed to greatly excite consumers. Early incarnations focused on little more than expenditure categorization and neglcted to offer meaningful insights to users. The latest generation of PFM tools are addressing these shortcomings by using data to provide relevant, contextualized insight and recommendations to users based on their particular circumstances.

  3. Emergent FinTech: Defining the Potential and Opportunities

    By: Verdict Financial
    , Published: Mar-2015
    , Product code: 305003
    Fintech has the potential to transform banking. Start-ups are introducing new services that are making existing tasks easier and cheaper to perform. They are also creating new markets, with the attendant prospect of new revenue streams. Although these developments could threaten the established banks, they also offer providers the chance to reinvent themselves and reconnect with their customers.

3 Item(s)

Page 1 of 1