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Success Case Study: Haitai-Calbee Honey Butter Chips

By: Canadean
, Published: Dec-2016
, Product code: CS0033SF
Key Insights
    • After being launched in August 2014, Haitai-Calbee honey butter chips became a social media sensation in the country and sold fast. They became impossible to find in many stores, having widely sold out.
    • Blending sweet and rich flavor with savory potato chips has appealed to young female consumers in South Korea, and news of the product spread quickly via social media.
    • Social media also creates a much faster product lifecycle. Markets in countries with high social media penetration demand frequent innovative new launches or constant product updates.

Companies mentioned in this product:

Haitai-Calbee Calbee Koikeya Seven Eleven Orion Food Nhong Shim Kellogg Emart
Table of Contents
Summary: Haitai-Calbee honey butter chips
Honey butter chips create "honey butter craze"
Potato chips with a sweet flavor are appealing
Social media exposure boosted sales
Celebrity endorsement is highly influential in Korea
Take-out: a significant trend creates a new category
Take-out: capitalizing on the power of social media
Take-out: social media creates a fast product lifecycle
Take-out: snack innovation must keep going further
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Success Case Study: Haitai-Calbee Honey Butter Chips
By: Canadean
Published: Dec 2016
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