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New Strategies for offering Convenience in Food - targeting new occasions, best practice and new solutions

By: Canadean
, Published: Jul-2014
, Product code: CS0605IS
Key Insights
  • New Strategies for offering Convenience in Food - targeting new occasions, best practice, and new solutions highlights key consumer groups that offer both new and ongoing opportunities for development. It identifies and dispels myths surrounding time scarcity and which consumers demand convenience whilst outlining how to effectively position differentiated products to target consumer needs. Important consumption motivations and changes in consumer behavior are analyzed and recommendations for manufacturers and retailers are drawn from this, identifying profitable markets and areas for innovation. Get access to:
  • Analysis of how the convenience trend is changing the behavior of four key age groups: the youth population (0-15), young professionals (16-34), mature professionals (35-54), and older consumers (55 and over).
  • Analysis of emerging consumer trends including meal time fragmentation and rising stress levels and exactly how these are affecting the convenience market; in addition the report outlines products that have successfully capitalized on existing trends and the trends that are available for manufacturers to target with innovation in the future.
  • Unique insights into market data and the implications of this to manufacturers and retailers operating in the convenience market; for instance how the number of consumers delaying responsibilities, such as marriage and children, until later in life affects the required positioning of many convenience products.

Companies mentioned in this product:

M&S, Amy’s, Kellogg, Emerald, Simply Potatoes, Annabel Karmel, Asda, Streamline Foods, Robinson’s, Belvita, Phillips, Maggi, Nutella, Wrigley’s, John West, Batter Blaster, Smucker’s, Eggology, Birds Eye, QuidCo, HappyTot
Table of Contents
• Introduction and Methodology
• The Convenience Trend Explained
- Elements of the trend
- Age and lifestage shape the convenience needs of consumers
• For whom and where is the Convenience trend shaping consumption behaviors
- Convenience continues to be a growing market globally
- The need for convenience is not restricted to one demographic despite some consumers being more time-scarce than others
- Consumption of convenient products is more heavily influenced by consumer lifestages
• Key drivers of the convenience trend
- Numerous market trends and developments in the workplace mean that the demand for convenience is driven by the need for time-saving, de-stressing and enabling products
• Prime opportunities for targeting
- Different consumer groups with varying needs leave the convenience market rife with opportunities
• Recommended actions
• Appendix
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New Strategies for offering Convenience in Food - targeting new occasions, best practice and new solutions
By: Canadean
Published: Jul 2014
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